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Celeste Dobbins,award-winning

CR Photographer

loves people photography. Weddings are a special love requiring the best technical skills and the ability to be creative in the moment. She is also a speaker and teacher of professional photographers, speaking on Art & Creativity in Photography

at such prestigious events as the Professional Photographers of America's National Convention, Western States Professional Photography Convention, the Professional Photographers of Canada and many more. 


She has also taught professional photographers at some of the most noted photography schools in the states, including the Texas School of Professional Photography, Midwest School of Professional Photography, Winona School of Professional Photography and California Photographic Workshops. 


I grew up in a family of artists, surrounded by art and books. “Don’t just sit there, get up and do something” was my mother’s favorite expression, so we painted, played in the garage building things, explored and made art. My favorite artist was Paul Klee.


Always brave, I dove off the end of the Santa Monica pier, on a dare, for rent money when I had my first apartment.


I sailed the Caribbean for several years on my 41′ Ketch named ‘My Liberty” with a four year old and a baby.


I live in the Wine Country, north of San Francisco, and photograph people and weddings in the most beautiful place I know.



“Winners do what losers don’t want to.” - Allen Copeland

“Do or do not, there is no try.” - Yoda

“Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” -  John Lennon




Paint old furniture great colors, create and design gardens, learn to be a GREAT cook and skate everyday..someday, maybe. Right now I’m happy just where I am, with what I'm doing.


I would be happy to talk to you about pricing for your wedding day. We have some amazing albums, beautiful image collections and of course, the finished images of the day for you to use and share. I'm easy to talk to, just contact me here.


For the smaller more intimate weddings that we love here in the wine country, ask for Celeste Petit Pricing.


SENIORS 2021 picture sessions are designed just for you. Unlike other studios, we only photograph one senior portrait a day and each  senior gets our total attention.


We have great ideas and together we will design a session that's unique and really captures you. We do indoors/outdoors both with unlimited outfits and locations.

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